Tournament Format:
There will be (3) Gi weight classes of 16 men bracket for both Blue and Purple belts . Blue and Purple belts will be competing amongst those in their respective weight category and belt rank. This tournament will follow IBJJF rules, weigh ins, and Gi requirments. Athletes Gi’s will be assesed and required to pass inspection, we ask that all athletes provide Gi’s of alternating colors, both Gis will need to pass inspection.

Llight: Under 170lbs
Middle: Under 195lbs
Heavy: Under 225lbs
Prizes For Each Division:
1st – $1000
2nd – $300
$100 registration fee. First come, first serve. Non refundable. This includes pre tournament injuries. Register by purchasing a “Ticket” for your approperate division. This is an open registration tournament and you do not need an invitation.
A free live stream will be made though FACEBOOK ONLINE
Please RSVP through our Facebook event page , this will help with promotion of the event.
Free with (5)lbs. of nonperishable food or $20 at the door. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity.
Open to the public, please invite as many people you would like.
9AM – Check-in/weigh-in. Please do not be late as we will start on time, those that are late will be eliminated from the tournament and forefit their registration fee.
10AM – Tournament start


***minimum of 10 men in the bracket for the money prize***

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