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[Video] Preview My NEW Instructional 👀

In yesterday’s video, I announced the launch of my new masterclass instructional:

Mastering Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Dominance

And I had a lot of people writing back to me wanting to know more about the course, the content, and the kind of material we’d be covering.

I wanted to give everyone on my mailing list an exclusive opportunity to preview the course, so I’ve sent you all the first video from the instructional. In this video, I cover the basics of standing posture for Jiu-Jitsu, contrasting it with the traditional Judo stance.

As I mentioned yesterday, being an advanced Judoka myself (Black Belt), as well having such extensive experience fighting at the highest level of Jiu-Jitsu gives me a huge advantage in the stand up game.

It allowed me to create a system of Judo that works specifically for Jiu-Jitsu – and streamlines the learning process (no need to drill every position 1,000 times to make them work for you!)

I’m also able to think like a Judoka, and so my Judo system is designed to easily beat Judokas at their own game – by surprising them with techniques and grips that aren’t legal in their sport.

Check out the video to get a taster of the course content (just click the image below.)

Video Thumbnail

Don’t forget that this week, I’ve created a special code for the course launch.

When you type JUDODOM30 in the box at the checkout (or click the link at the end of this email), you’ll get the opportunity to get my masterclass for just $127 $88.90.

This course will give you the complete outline for a dominant Judo game for Jiu-Jitsu. I’m confident that if you own this instructional masterclass you’ll never need another Judo resource for Jiu-Jitsu again.

This code is valid until midnight (PT) on Sunday, 21 January.

Are you ready to finally master Judo for Jiu-Jitsu and dominate on the feet?

Master Judo for BJJ

Let’s go!!

P.S. I’ve made this course exclusive to our store on Atos BJJ On Demand.

Once purchased, you can access this course via your browser, or through the Atos BJJ On Demand App. To access the course through your app, you’ll need to purchase the course via the link in this email (or through your internet browser.) After purchase, you’ll have immediate access to your course from your library.​