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Results Speak For Themselves 💪🏽

Results speak for themselves.

Just check out some of the feedback I received from our latest 5-Day Challenge: our Takedown Bootcamp.

Professor Galvao is an expert at breaking down the techniques, making us understand the why and the how, and then proactively addressing “what-ifs” and “then what’s”. I couldn’t have asked for a better course.
Takedowns are the most challenging part of Jiu jitsu to me. This course gave me a comprehensive system and most importantly a direction when initiating takedowns in the gi. Thanks professor.
With the techniques learned during the challenge, I was able to score multiple takedowns in each class using the technique of the day. For instance on the first day, I hit five Uchi matas. On the last day, I scored a takedown using a technique from each day of the challenge. It was as if I was using magic. To top it off, one of my classmates told me (right after the challenge), “Bakari, you’ve got the throw game down pat!” He asked me to help him out with his upcoming stripe test. I think this challenge was awesome, so much so that I signed up for the Mastering Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Course. Thanks to the 5-Day Takedown Challenge, I know this will help further my game too.
Professor Galvao shares his wisdom with precision and impact. I quickly understood his lessons and was able to instantly benefit from them.
I’ve been an Atos BJJ On Demand member since attending their 2023 BJJ Fanatics Bootcamp in San Diego, CA. Everything Professor Galvao does is excellent! The 5-Day Challenge Bootcamps are essentially virtual seminars that give you access to the same coaching (and life-coaching!) that Atos champions receive!! Regardless where my home gym is – I’ll always be an Atos On Demand member! OSS! ⚔️🛡️”

It’s amazing for me to see students having such incredible results from my brief, online introduction to takedowns.

It makes me even more excited to see the impact that my new instructional course, “Mastering Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Dominance”, will have ✨

I’ve designed this course to give students a complete outline for a dominant takedown game for Jiu-Jitsu.

Until Sunday, you can use the code JUDODOM30 at the checkout to get 30% off my new masterclass.

Are you ready to dominate the stand-up game in Jiu-Jitsu?

Master Judo for Jiu-Jitsu

Let’s go!

Andre Galvao
Atos Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach
Jiu-Jitsu Hall Of Fame Member​