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The Unique Rule Set for the Atos HQ In-House Tournament ✨

Since announcing the first Atos HQ In-House BJJ Tournament last week, we’ve had SO much interest…

So I wanted to share the rules to make sure everyone had the information they needed before signing up 🙌🏽

For the most part, our In-House Tournament will adhere to the standards of the IBJJF, with a few exceptions.

We’ve created some rules that are specific to our tournament. We think these rules will make the tournament more fun for competitors, so we’d encourage you to check them out (especially if you’re considering competing!):

1️⃣ Divisions

First of all, I wanted to confirm that there are divisions for Kids and Juveniles, as well as Adults and Masters.

We also have Gi 🥋 and No-Gi 🤼 divisions.

2️⃣ Two Matches Guaranteed

I know that a lot of people get frustrated by the price of tournaments (especially when fights can sometimes be over very quickly!)

That’s why we’re guaranteeing at least two matches for every competitor that enters. We want to make sure you all get a full taste of what it’s like to compete💪🏽

👉🏽 If there are only two competitors in a bracket, the winner will be decided by best two of three fights.

👉🏽 When three competitors are in a bracket, the winner will be decided by round-robin:

  1. Tiebreaker One: Number of wins by submission
  2. Tiebreaker Two: Fastest submission (in seconds)
  3. Tiebreaker Three: Sum of scores in winning matches
  4. Tiebreaker Four: Sum of all opponents’ scores (Lowest is best)

👉🏽 When four or more competitors are in a bracket, the division will be decided by Double Elimination with a Bronze Match.

3️⃣ No Advantages & No Penalties

We’ve decided NOT to use the “Advantage” scoring system: To score points, we want competitors to demonstrate control and dominance, using proper techniques.

You’ll score points the following ways:

  • Two Points: Sweep, Takedown, Knee On Belly
  • Three Points: Guard Pass
  • Four Points: Mount, Back mount, Back control (Hooks in)

4️⃣ 2 Overtimes

If fights end in a tie, we’ve created an overtime system:

There will be a maximum of two x two minute overtime periods. The first to score points, wins the overtime. Three referees will be assigned to score the second (LAST) overtime to ensure a winner is declared!

You can check out the full ruleset and register on our dedicated competition website:


Let’s go 🔥

Andre Galvao
Atos Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach
Jiu-Jitsu Hall Of Fame Member​