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Promoting my Daughter to Brown Belt 🤎

This weekend, my beautiful daughter Sarah Galvao became Purple Belt Double Gold World Champion after eight fights (five submissions!)

21 years ago, in 2003, I did the same thing – I became Purple Belt Double Gold World Champion 👀

But Sarah did it waaaaay better than I did. She’s so special and I can’t wait to see her competing as a Brown Belt.


Back then, I wasn’t even thinking about becoming a father…

Afterwards, I had the incredible privilege of promoting her to Brown Belt with her Mom, Angelica Galvao 🤎

Check out this photo with Sarah, Alexa Herse and Lillian “Lillatron” Marchand (Lilli became the Purple Belt Medium-Heavyweight World Champion – more on that later this week!)

Promoting Sarah and Lillatron

In the last two years, Sarah has won an IBJJF Grand Slam as both a Blue and a Purple Belt.

I love it so much – I’m just so happy to see her achieve such incredible things. She works so hard and deserves the results.


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