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Advanced Class

Take your jiu jitsu game to the next level

Program Description

The Advanced Program gives students the opportunity to take their game to the next level through an in-depth exploration of more advanced jiu jitsu techniques and instruction. Students will also receive an extensive education into modern jiu jitsu practice, as well as less common situations that may arise during a match. Participation in this class is restricted to blue belts and above.

Belt Level

Blue Belt to Black Belt

Program GOALS
  • Improve student’s overall jiu jitsu knowledge
  • Delve into more advanced and modern jiu jitsu techniques
  • Build a more complete game
  • Attacks, defensive techniques and escapes from every position
  • Instruction on advanced jiu jitsu techniques and positions
  • Core concepts and ideas
  • Positional, situational and live sparring
  • Question & Answer sessions