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Frequently Asked Questions

General Membership Questions

How does Atos BJJ HQ support the military?

Can I transfer my membership to another individual?

How can I cancel my membership?

Where can I learn about any policies that may apply to my membership?

What if I don’t qualify for a membership freeze following your normal guidelines?

How can I unfreeze my account?

Can I put my membership on hold?

What is a “Buddy Pass” and how can I get one?

Can I add friends or family members to my Atos HQ membership?

I don’t have an ATOS HQ account. How do I register?

Where can I get a copy of my agreement?

How can I pay my annual renewal?

How long do I have to pay my annual renewal?

When is my annual renewal* due?

How do I know when I will be billed for my Monthly or Yearly Auto-Renewal membership?

What are my options for paying my dues?

How can I make a payment or update my billing payment method for my membership?

New Member Questions

How can I find out what Atos Academies are near me?

How much does it cost to add family members to my membership?

Can I add friends or family members to my Atos HQ membership?

Do you offer any Kids’ Club or babysitting services?

What is the Annual Fee?

When buying a membership, what payment options are available?

Do I need to use my personal training sessions within a certain timeframe?

If I purchase personal training online, what happens next?

How much does personal or group training cost?

How can I purchase personal or group training?

What are the different membership options?

How much does a membership cost?

How do I join online?


May I bring a guest to train?

What is Touch-Free Club Check-In?

What hours are the academy open?

How do I download ATOS BJJ ON DEMAND on my mobile device?

How can I find out if a new Atos Academy is opening near me?

I have an Atos membership but I’d like to try out another academy in a location. Can I do that?

To what academies does my membership give me access?

What is an Atos BJJ Affiliate Academy?

If I purchase a membership for online classes, how will I know which club to select?

covid 19 information

We are committed to the health and happiness of our member community. Please note that our policies may vary by location to stay compliant with state and local public health guidelines. Please call or visit your club with questions.

What protocols does Atos BJJ Academy have in place to protect team and club members’ health and safety?