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Adam Bradley | Unknown

Since I began working with the coaches of Electrum Performance I have noticed unbelievable changes in my strength, physique & over all health. They corrected so many muscle imbalances from Jiu-Jitsu that I wasn't even aware of. My body is stronger, more mobile & healthier than ever and it's easy to pin point that the coaches behind Electrum Performance are the reason for it!

Lucas Barbosa | Unknown

Working with Electrum Performance has helped tremendously in upping my Jiu jitsu performance. They’ve helped me achieve some of my biggest titles in the sport. These guys have also provided all the tools and attention I’ve needed to recover from my injuries. Looking forward to growing old and continuing to kick ass with these guys.
Trabalhar com a Electrum Performance ajudou bastante na melhoria do meu desempenho com o Jiu Jitsu. Eles me ajudaram a alcançar os títulos mais importantes no esporte. Esses caras também forneceram todas as ferramentas e a atenção que eu precisava para me recuperar das minhas lesões. Espero continuar me destacando por muito tempo com essa equipe.

Dom Bell | Unknown

Pursuing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on a professional stage has taught me two things: the immense propensity for injury, and the massive importance of conditioning our bodies. My particular style of gripping (spider guard) has always ALWAYS left my hands and grips WRECKED by the end of the week. Thankfully, the coaches at EP are not only beyond knowledgeable in targeting my grip strength and improving the health of my hands, but they also understand the demand of my specific sport on a level I struggle to find in other coaches.

Kaynan Duarte | Unknown

Was always hard to manage bjj practice and lifting workouts, but with Electrum Performance I got it, and even better I’ve seen the results. I would arrive at the gym to workout already tired from bjj practice, but knowing my schedule they elaborated a special train that fits my game and my schedule.
Sempre foi difícil conciliar meus treinos de jiu jitsu com a musculação, mas com a ajuda da electrum performance consegui, e melhor vi resultado, chegava super cansado dos treinos de jiu, mas sabendo do meus cronograma eles elaboraram um treino especial para meu jogo e na minha rotina.

Jits-addict | Unknown

Amazing way to improve quickly. This app has been a game changer for me. It allows me to understand the intricacies of the move at my own pace. The ability to study before class and then watch the instruction again afterwards helps tighten my technique.

Badmav2101 | Unknown

The app is feat! The techniques and details are amazing. I can find almost any type of technique, taught by a number of different instructors so the different perspective on each technique is helpful.

Mikey SA | Unknown

Simply the best! Not really sure how I lived without this before. Through all my years of Jiu Jitsu I have bought a lot of DVDs and online instructional type stuff but never really got a lot out of it until I came across this AtosBJJOnDemand app.

FHLBJJ | AtosBJJOnDemand

ATOS on Demand is awesome. From techniques to sparring to courses to their VLOG series this app has everything. Technique videos are available on many topics and are taught by so many great BJJ practitioners and world champions like Professor Galvao.

Mariya A. | San Diego

Atos Jiu-Jitsu is a world class Jiu-Jitsu academy where you get spectacular instruction from a wide range of current top competitors. With a warm community and a welcoming environment, Atos is the best place to learn Jiu-Jitsu for kids and adults at any stage of their bjj journey.

Josh D. | Honolulu

Trained here for 7 months and absolutely loved it. Prof. Galvao and his staff have really created something special. Not only does every class feel like a seminar, comp class and the rounds really leveled my game up fast. After class there's always someone willing to drill or try new moves. Will def go back whenever I'm in SD.

Alexandra C. | Houston

Absolutely awesome jiu-Jitsu gym!!! Every professor here is amazing so I just had to sign myself up! Everyone here is very skilled and while you'll leave sweating, you will for sure walk away mastering new skills. Atos is a must-try experience for every level. Just try it, you won't regret it!!

Rod A. | Los Angeles

Super technical instruction, tough training partners. If you want to get as good as possible as fast as possible.. why would you go anywhere else? Atos is the Harvard/Stanford/Yale of BJJ. The people are super nice all around: students, administration, coaches. Also.. lots of classes, plenty of training time to fit my busy schedule.

Kris K. | San Diego

I moved from Texas to San Diego Ca in 2013 for bjj. I chose Atos HQ knowing it was the up the and coming team. It has been without fail the best gym to train both as a competitor and a hobbyist. I’ve seen the hard work Andre and Angelica Galvao have put in throughout the years, and it truly shows how great and family oriented the gym is. The staff are exceptionally professional and the instructors are world class.

Carlo P. | Philippines

Visiting San Diego from the Philippines specifically to train at this modern academy. World champions in each and every class willing to help you learn. Now I cannot imagine training Jiu-jitsu anywhere else! I’ll definitely be back to San Diego often, the Atos community treats everyone like family. Simply, the #1 Jiu-jitsu school in the World.

Marc B. | San Diego

Atos is the place to train if you want to begin your jiu jitsu journey. I have trained here for a few months and now I know why Atos has been called the best gym to train Brazilian jiu jitsu . They have a plethora of world class instructors that also compete and constantly win the biggest competitions. The instructors and fellow members all are very humble and share the same goal of getting better everyday. They have many different classes that accommodate to different skill levels and different groups. Overall, the environment here at Atos is unrivaled and is a place you need to train at.

Isaac K. | San Diego

So happy I signed up here. I’ve been coming for a month and have learned so much already. The professors are proficient, extremely knowledgeable and make it a lot of fun. Can’t wait to continue this journey!

Johnny B. | San Diego

If you want to train jiujitsu and you’re in San Diego this is the place to be. They have classes for everyone beginners, advanced, kids, women and everyone. All the instructors are very nice, a lot of them world champs. If you want to learn from the best come to Atos.

Jason M. | San Diego

I’ve been training at Atos HQ since 2020. Being in the military can be very exhausting and training here definitely helped me out physically and mentally. I get the opportunity to train with some of the best competitors in the world and it definitely shows when I’m competing.

Paulo S. | San Diego

The academy has a very open and friendly atmosphere with a lot of diversity of people and skill level: it will suit most if not everyone no matter their personal goals or reasons why they should train. I train at ATOS and so do my 3-year-old daughter. We both love it as it’s a place of joy and where you develop both mental and physical skills. I’ve trained in many different places due to moving, but I always end up coming back and forth to ATOS. Now, I’m living in San Diego again and ATOS is my only choice. Try it.

Neil S. | San Diego

My family has been training here for the past six years. This is the best Jiu-Jitsu gym, and the results speak for themself. They offer classes that cover the full spectrum of students, from those who have never set foot on a mat all the way to world champion-level training! The variety of classes and the instructors in each class are always the best of the best. World champions teach each class available, including the children’s classes. The environment at this gym is truly family oriented and welcoming to all who step through those doors. If you are on the fence about trying Jiu Jitsu and feel it may be outside your comfort zone, rest assured all your concerns will disappear once you get in that Gi and join the family.

Joshua V. | San Diego

I have trained at gyms all over the US, many high level. Atos is by far the best gym in the world and I have no hesitation saying that. Everyone is extremely welcoming. I have never felt in danger rolling with anyone. Everyone is extremely friendly. Every single instructor is the highest level of competitor, as well as instruction. Every class is a positive experience and it is without a doubt the best place in the world to further your jiu jitsu.

Hector V. | San Diego

From the beginning Atos was a blessing. The classes are very friendly and very profound ways of teaching. If you want to experience BJJ to the highest limit and train along side the world champion and one of the most humble man I know go to Atos and talk to Carlos he takes care of everyone.

Jason S. | San Diego

If you’re looking for a place to train in San Diego, then train at ATOS jiujitsu with Andre Galvao. He’s a great instructor with an open mind/heart and welcomes everyone of all skill level. When he’s gone for competitions, there’s no need to worry about training because there are a lot of top level student instructors at the school. Great place to train!!

David W. | San Diego

I started training here 9 months and even though I can only make it 2 days a week the learning is amazing and positive never quit attitude is great. They really take time and pride in the learning of the students. Andre and Leo are amazing along with all other memebers of the staff. Truly a great group of people to be around. They should have gotten 6 stars.