You will be learning from world champions with 20+ World Titles.

The depth of knowledge amassed by our instructors will be a great advantage to anyone who desires about learning the art. If you are looking for a new fitness routine our Academy has something for you.

  • Nisar Loynab Kid's Prof. (5-8 yr.olds) and Kid's Competition Class

    Nisar is a brown belt under Prof. Galvao that really lends his heart to training and teaching the kids here at Atos HQ.

  • André Galvão Atos Co-Founder / Head Atos HQ Prof.

    Atos Co. Founder/ Head Atos HQ Prof. (BLK BELT 3rd degree & Multiple Time World Champion) Head Kids Prof. (8-14 yr. olds) & Adult Adv Program.

  • Angelica Galvão Head Women's Only Prof.

    Prof. Angelica Galvao is a black belt first degree under Prof. Galvao, inspired by her husband/coach and mentor…

  • Josh Hinger Kids Class 8-12 years old Jiu-jitsu Prof.

    Prof. Josh is a black belt under Prof. Galvao from southern California who is known for his success within the no-gi competition scene.

  • Michael Perez Assistant Professor Kids & No-GI Classes

    Mike is a Atos black belt under professor Galvao. Mike is 2x No Gi World Champion (purple & brown belt) – ADCC North American Trials Champion & two time ADCC Veteran. He one day hopes to be an ADCC world champion.

  • Dominique Bell
    Dominique Bell Coach 6:15am classes & Prof Galvao assistant

    Coach Dom is a well known brown belt under prof Galvao. He is a great instructor and competitor winning major tournaments world wide.

  • Mike Carbullido
    Mike Carbullido 8-12 Kids Program Professor & Prof Galvao Assistant

    Professor Carbs is and amazing instructor…

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