fbpx Women's Only Program Directed By Prof. Angelica Galvao - Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ - Worlds Best BJJ Academy - San Diego CA

Women’s Only Program Directed By Prof. Angelica Galvao

Today we will begin our first Women’s Only Program, directed by our very Atos black belt Prof. Angelica Galvao. Prof. Angelica is the perfect example of a woman in the modern day world. Not only is she a mother and wife, but also a multiple time world jiu-jitsu champion. We are very excited for this new women’s program and to learn from Prof. Angelica. The class will be every Tuesday from 5:45- 7:15pm for more information about this program, please visit our website @ www.atosjiujitsuhq.com or give us a call @ 858-292-5040

For more information about Prof. Angelica Galvao please visit her website @ http://angelicagalvao.com/

Hope to see you on the mats ladies!
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