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Maintenance for BJJ

Your body is your number one tool in BJJ and like most tools, it needs to be well taken care of and maintained. Here are a few different ways you can help maintain your body!

Foam rollers:

IMG_5738 IMG_5741 IMG_5743

Perfect for a little D.I.Y massage! These things are great to aid in miyofascial release. It usually hurts, but hurts so good!

Tennis balls:


Tennis balls serve a similar purpose as a foam roller but are better for those more specific or harder to reach spots.

Resistance bands:

IMG_5748 IMG_5749

These giant rubber bands are great to help you work on your flexibility and stretch your muscles out before and after training.

If you like the idea of a resistance band but don’t want to go out and buy extra gear, you can use your belt! You bring it with you to the gym every day so you’ll always have it on hand!

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