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Atos Jiu Jitsu Wins Team Overall Pan 2017 Championship – Success

Atos Jiu jitsu Leaders Professors Galvao, Angelica Galvao, Rafa and Gui Mendes at the highest place of the podium after the Pan Championship 2017 by IBJJ

Team Atos leaders Andre and Angelica Galvao and Rafa and Gui Mendes share their thoughts on a very successful weekend. Atos won both the adult male and juvenile team trophies, reflecting the hard work of the growing number of high level athletes of all levels.

“Coming and seen the results is amazing, the juveniles are working hard, drilling, training, doing what they need to do to achieve their goals. When you put the time on the mat training the results comes” said prof Rafa Mendes.

“We’ve our project believing and achieving program where we are helping the kids from Brazil. We are always looking for new kids and inviting them to come and compete with us” said  Prof Gui Mendes.

Also Prof Angelica Galvao were at Pan 2017 coaching every single match helping the team Atos to achieve the highest Place of the podium.

“I like to say that is a recycling of our competition team, Atos was very well known by the high level black belt competitors. But I think is time for us too invest more in the lower belts that is what the professor have been doing with their students. And the result this weekend is clear, it’s the reflecting of what we are investing everyday…at this moment is a competition time, it’s their (students) moment, just been there to support and give some advice, encouraging, pretty much the work we do is inside the gym everyday.” Said prof Angelica Galvao.

Professor Andre Galvao decided to not compete this year to focus 100% of his time teaching and coaching his students during the training Pan 2017 camp at Atos HQ.

“Our plan is to be the best team in the world, that’s the plan, and with a hard work and dedication with a team work we can do it” said Prof Galvao.

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