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Frankie Wins via Armbar at Copa Podio

Congratulations Frankie on your big win at the Copa Podio Kids Challenge!

Just to give some background on Frankie here is a story that one of our kid’s instructors, Mike Carbullido, posted before Frankie took the stage at Copa Podio:

“So proud of this kid right here! His name is Frankie Zambada! Frankie is homegrown from ATOS HQ. Starting at 4 years old as a white belt with zero experience in martial arts. Cool story, back in 2012/2013 I was doing most of the intro lessons to new people looking to try jiujitsu at the old Atos gym. I had one that day with a guy named, Alastair (Frankie’s dad). Throughout the 30 min intro lesson I would ask how he was liking it and all he talked about was how much his son would. I clearly remember this day because I remember how cool and down to earth Alastair was. I remember thinking how he reminded me of someone from back home in Guam. Next day he brings Frank in, signs him up, and the rest is history. Fast forward to now 8 years old and Frankie is one of the top competitors of his age & weight IN THE WORLD, fighting in one of the biggest organizations in Brazil. Frankie is as respectful and humble as they come but a savage behind it all. A true student of the art. As an instructor you can immediately tell when a kid has that love and passion for it. Frankie has that and more. In a few hours Frankie steps on the mat and is one of the first kids to ever be invited to this event. A true breakthrough for professional jiujitsu. Frankie is inspiring kids from all over the world and showing them that if you follow your heart and have a good head on your shoulders anything is possible. Thank you Frank for being an inspiration to not only them but me as well. And remember win or lose you earned that spot. I’m your fan tank. Make that walk today and do your thing! It’s go time!! Don’t stop the pace. Show them why you’re there and why you’re here to stay! Get it boy!”

Frankie fought hard and won both his matches via armbar.  He has been part of our Kids program here at Atos HQ since the very beginning.  It is incredible what he has accomplished at such a young age and we are excited to see him continue to grow and improve as a grappler.  He trains hard and these results are a testament to what you can accomplish with dedication, consistency, and hard work.

If you want to learn more about our Kids Program here at Atos HQ and how to start your free trial give us a call at 858-292-5040 or email us at staff@atosjiujitsuhq.com.