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San Diego BJJ Pro Results

Congratulations to everyone who competed this past weekend in the San Diego BJJ Pro IBJJF Championship!  Many of our competitors placed and we are proud of everyone for going out there and competing.  Special congratulations to Gonzo Quintanilla on the gold medal, and the well deserved promotion to blue belt!  We would also like to acknowledge those who not only metaled in their division but then went on to win the absolute: Hani Badie Alsardouk (blue belt), Conner Deangelis (purple belt), Kaynan Duarte (brown belt), and Joshua Hinger (black belt).

Kaynan Duarte wins his division and aboslute
Nikki Sullivan wins her division
Conner DeAngelis wins his division and absolute
Prof. Hinger wins his division and absolute

1st place adult/white/feather: Gonzalo Ignacio Sahagon Quintanilla Jr

3rd place adult/white/light: Kevin Huang

2nd place adult/white/heavy: José Armando Vazquez Cortes

2nd place adult/blue/light-feather: Aaron Villanueva

3rd place adult/blue/light-feather: Ian Felicitas

1st place adult/blue/light: Martin Gonzalez

3rd place adult/blue/middle: Eduardo Marmolejo

2nd place adult/blue/heavy and 1st plae absolute: Hani Alsardouk

3rd place adult/blue/middle: Genevieve Rae Bennett Souza

3rd place adult/purple/feather: Abdiweli Buul

2nd place adult/purple/medium-heavy: Adam Bradley

3rd place adult/purple/medium-heavy: Daniel Eklund

1st place adult/purple/heavy and 1st place absolute: Conner Deangelis

3rd place adult/purple/super-heavy: Alexander Sterner

1st place master 1/purple/medium-heavy: Fabricio Vielmo

1st place master 2/purple/ultra-heavy: Alejandro Flores

1st place adult/brown/heavy and 1st place absolute: Kaynan Casemiro Duarte

2nd place adult/brown/ultra-heavy: Maitere Taihia

1st place adult/brown/light and 2nd place absolute: Nicole Sullivan

3rd place adult/black/middle: Michael Liera Jr.

2nd place adult/black/heavy and 2nd place absolute: Lucas Daniel Silva Barbosa

1st place adult/black/light and 3rd place absolute: Heather H. Raftery

1st place master 1/black/medium-heavy and 1st place absolute: Joshua Roy Hinger

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