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Goal is what defines the way you live

Why should I say that my knee injury was God showing me a new way to walk? The last few years before the injury, I wasn’t even enjoying what I was doing anymore. The best time of the training for me was when it was over. I used to think that I had productive day because I was training hard, but I wasn’t focusing at my business, on Saturdays I was just too tired from the week and Sundays I didn’t want get tired because of the week ahead. The greatest regret is the time I missed with my daughter, the days that she wanted to go for ice cream or the park but I was cutting or too sore to have fun with her until I was forced to be at home, and I cry every time I think of it because TIME is the only NON REFUNDABLE thing in life. After the first year off, I had in my mind that I was never going to compete again and actually enjoying it. Why? Because now I really have a productive day. I do wake up super early but I can have a nice breakfast in family, lift, drop my daughter at school, work, teach, serve at church on Sundays, watch my daughter taking piano lessons, enjoy with her and off course, train. it was good to step on the mats again. If it changed life? Not really, it was more of a personal overcoming.

I like to think that your goal is what defines the way you live your life, what time you wake up, how long you work, what you eat, the people you hang out with…

I used to have a goal of being a competitor, and I was but I was falling in so many other ways that i could’ve be better. Today my goal is to have balance.

God, family, work and after that my personal wills.

It’s not a rule for everyone, but it was my experience and perhaps it helps you reading it today. 🙂 The secret is to be happy, you are doing it because you chose to.