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Why BJJ is the Perfect Summer Activity for Kids

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As summer is quickly approaching many parents are excited to have their kids home, but at the same time dreading it.  It’s hard to keep children entertained during the summer and their minds active.  What better outlet for their excess energy then Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?  Not only will it give them a fun new hobby, but it will teach them valuable life lessons and self defense.

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Check out these 11 reasons to get your child involved in BJJ this summer:

  1. It will help them stay active
  2. No need to worry about keeping them busy on rainy days
  3. Keeps them occupied so you can keep your sanity
  4. It gives them plenty of new techniques to practice
  5. A great way to meet new friends
  6. Helps them stay healthy
  7. It will keep their minds active
  8. Gives them a cool new hobby
  9. If they love it they can attend summer camp and then train during the school year too
  10. It will improve their confidence before school starts
  11. Helps protect against bullying

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Our fantastic group of kids instructors not only teach your kids world class techniques, but also keep class fun and exciting.  If you are interested in learning more about our program please give us a call at 858-292-5040 or email us at staff@atosjiujitsuhq.com and get started on your FREE one week trial today.