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Kid Pans this Weekend!

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Kid Pans is the largest kids tournament out there, and brings young talented from around the world.  This year it takes place February 17th in Long Beach at the Walter Pyramid.  We have won the kids team title for the last 6 years in a row, and we are excited to go after another title this year.

The Atos kids have been preparing for this tournament for weeks now, so that they can go out there and perform their absolute best.  As much as we want the kids to do well, we also want them to have fun and reap all the benefits of competing.  Competition is a fantastic way for them to test themselves, and it’s a great learning tool.  They can learn the joy of hard work paying off, how to deal with a loss, and how to come back even stronger and more determined.

Good luck to all Atos kids competing at the IBJJF Kid Pans this weekend!  We are extremely excited to see all of you compete and show off your hard work.


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Atos HQ Competitors:

GREY / Pee-Wee 2 / Male / Light-Feather

Caleb Patrick O’Connor

GREY / Pee-Wee 2 / Male / Feather

Antonio Toro Mendia

GREY / Pee-Wee 2 / Female / Light-Feather

Abigail Chan Denis

GREY / Pee-Wee 2 / Female / Light

Lucia Jacklyn Ruiz

GREY / Pee-Wee 3 / Male / Light-Feather

Novae Legiec

GREY / Junior 3 / Male / Light-Feather

Ko’o Kumabe

GREY / Junior 3 / Female / Light-Feather

Alexa Rose Herse

GREY / Junior 3 / Female / Light

Mia Lenae Webster

GREY / Teen 1 / Male / Rooster

Logan Soderstrom

GREY / Teen 1 / Female / Light-Feather

Jadeya Sway Reber

GREY / Teen 1 / Female / Light

Sarah C. Firme Galvao

GREY / Teen 2 / Male / Heavy

Matthew Ryan Fulinara

YELLOW / Junior 1 / Female / Light-Feather

Nya Ruotolo

YELLOW / Junior 2 / Male / Feather

Frank Alec Zambada Lara

YELLOW / Junior 2 / Female / Light

Hadiya Galvante

YELLOW / Junior 3 / Male / Feather

Mario Gaetano Carini

YELLOW / Junior 3 / Male / Feather

David Sebastian Villegas

YELLOW / Junior 3 / Male / Light

R. Lawson P. Fry

YELLOW / Junior 3 / Female / Ultra-Heavy

Alexandria Marie Perez

YELLOW / Teen 1 / Female / Light-Feather

Xiomara Gallego

YELLOW / Teen 2 / Male / Ultra-Heavy

Tevita Tauteoli Taufa

YELLOW / Teen 2 / Male / Ultra-Heavy

Peter Joseph Santiago III

YELLOW / Teen 2 / Female / Middle

Hayden J. Fry

YELLOW / Teen 3 / Male / Heavy

Danyal Idris Afenir

GREEN, ORANGE / Teen 1 / Male / Light-Feather

Gavin Elias Sumibcay Navida

GREEN, ORANGE / Teen 1 / Male / Feather

Jack Robert Wilson

GREEN, ORANGE / Teen 1 / Male / Feather

Benjamin Ryan Craft

GREEN, ORANGE / Teen 3 / Male / Rooster

Solomon Ryan Craft


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