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Highlights from Worlds Last Year

There were many spectacular moments last year at Worlds but here are just a few to look back on as the team gears up for this year’s Worlds!


Highlights from Worlds Last Year:


ATOS wins 2nd consecutive team world title!!  Atos as a team won over 50 medals (15 Gold, 17 Silver, and 22 Bronze).


Adult Male Team Title

1 – Atos Jiu-Jitsu – 114

2 – Alliance – 89

3 – CheckMat – 56

Overall Novice Team Title

1 – Atos Jiu-Jitsu – 36

2 – CheckMat – 28

3 – Ralph Gracie – 27




Kaynan Duarte wins gold both in the brown belt heavy weight division and absolute division!  He had a total of 9 matches (5- division and 4- absolute) to win double gold.  Right after receiving his medals Kaynan was awarded his well deserved black belt on the podium by Prof. Andre Galvao.




Lucas Barbosa and Gustavo Batista close out the adult black belt middle heavy division, both with spectacular performances.  They look to repeat their performance again this year.








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