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ADCC is almost here!

ADCC is only a day away and we could not be more excited!  This year ADCC is happening close to home in Anaheim, CA on Sept 28-29.  This prestigious event only happens every two years and is the largest, most exclusive tournament out there.  In order to even secure your spot in one of the 16 man brackets you must first either win one of the qualifying tournaments, be an ADCC veteran, or be invited.  A super fight is also held every year between the reigning absolute champion (winner of 2017’s superfight) and the most recent absolute champion (winner of the 2017 absolute bracket).



The weight division are as follows:

Professional Male: -65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg and +99kg

Professional Female: -60kg and +60kg

This year is extra special because it’s Prof. Andre Galvao’s final super fight before retiring.  Back in 2011 Prof. Galvao won both the -88kg and absolute divisions.   He has since won all three consecutive super fights against other absolute champions (2013, 2015, & 2017).  This year he will be fighting in his 4th main event superfight against Felipe Pena.


Atos Participants Include:

MALE -66 kg  (Out of 16):

Pablo Mantovani – Brazil – (Atos) – Invited, Bruno Frazzato – Brazil – (Atos) – Invited, Tye Ruotolo – USA – (Atos) – Invited

MALE -77 kg  (Out of 16):

JT Torres – USA – (Atos) – ADCC Worlds 2017 winner

MALE -88 kg  (Out of 16):

Josh Hinger – USA – (Atos) – 2nd North American Trial winner, Mike Perez – USA – (Atos) – Invited

MALE -99 kg  (Out of 16):

Lucas Barbosa – Brazil – (Atos) – Invited

MALE +99 kg  (Out of 16):

Kaynan Duarte – Brazil – (Atos) – Invited


Andre Galvao – Brazil – (Atos) – current Absolute Champion



We encourage everyone to come to ADCC in Anaheim to cheer on the team and show your support.  If you are unable to attend you can watch the event live on FloGrappling.



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