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Why you suck at NO-GI…

No-Gi can be overwhelming for beginners and lower belts.

It’s faster and more explosive than traditional Gi.

And if you come up against a skilled opponent, you could quickly find yourself in bottom position with nowhere to go.

That’s why mastering takedowns is crucial if you want to gain a fast advantage.

But without a Gi, collar or lapel to grab, most inexperienced fighters simply don’t know how.

Resulting in nothing but an endless streak of losses.

So why not let an ADCC & IBJJF Hall of Fame member help level-up your repertoire?

For the first time ever, Andre Galvao is giving away his multiple world-championship winning secrets on takedown fundamentals!

Simple yet killer attacks and defenses from standing.

As well as stabillising your opponent on the ground and even defending their takedowns.

You could possess the skills of a legendary world champion… in as little as a day!

And stun your next opponent with a quick single leg sweep or rear body-lock.

Your peers, and even your professor, dumbstruck as you dominate the contest and catch that long-awaited victory!

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