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Side control escapes and counter attacks by Andre Galvao

Become a master of side control escapes… in just 6 hours!

There’s nothing more soul-crushing than tasting defeat.

If you’re constantly getting submitted, you know what I’m talking about.

You’ve been working on your guard for several minutes, only for your opponent to suddenly lock you in the dreaded triangle.

Panic sets in.

You begin to choke.

And you have no choice but to tap.

Trudging off the mat, the mental pain surpassing the physical, you ask yourself:

“How do I stop losing this way?”

The answer is simple:

By sharpening up your escape arsenal.

6x ADCC World Champion and 6x IBJJF World Champion IBJJF and ADCC hall of Famer Andre Galvao can show you how to not only escape EVERY time your opponents pass your guard…

…but also how to reverse them in order to set up your own attacks!

In as little as 6 hours, you’ll have the confidence to go on the offense, knowing you can escape any bad position you may find yourself in.

Imagine stepping onto any BJJ mat in the world knowing there’s nothing anyone can do to make you tap.

The only thing you’ll be tasting is victory!

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