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Caught the BJJ teaching bug? Then learn from the best… 

The most important influence in determining the greatness of a BJJ fighter is their instructor.


So if you’re looking to transition into a coaching role, this huge responsibility is something you NEED to understand quickly.


A great coach can make an athlete, and elevate them beyond what they ever thought possible.


However, a bad coach can cause a student to walk away from the sport forever.


That’s why it’s crucial to not only create a well thought out, systematic training regimen…


… you must also stay on the cutting edge of jiu-jitsu knowledge!


Due to the nature of BJJ constantly evolving, a coach should always be open to learning new techniques and training methods in order to produce high calibre fighters who never run out of ideas when competing on the mats. 


Atos BJJ On Demand is the fountain of knowledge any current or aspiring professor will ever need!


Headed by legendary, multiple World Champion Andre Galvao, our endless supply of original and relevant teachings produce the largest number of successful competitors on the planet!


So much so, many of whom go on to achieve victory at the highest level.


Want proof?


Take a look at all our winners from last week’s 2023 European Jiu-Jitsu IBJFF Championship:


🔥 5 black belt finals: 4 gold, 1 silver 1 bronze

🔥 6 juveniles blue belt: 5 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze

🔥 1 purple belt absolute: 1 bronze 

🔥 2 athletes master division: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze 


@kaynanduarte 100% sub rate black belt 🥇🥇

@sarah_galvao1 100% sub rate juvenile 2 🥇🥇

@andymurasaki 75% sub rate black belt 🥇

@luizamonteirobjj 66% sub rate black belt 🥇🥉

@pedromachadooo black belt medium heavy 🥈

@lillatron_bjj 87.5% sub rate juvenile 2 🥇🥇

@alexahersejj 25% sub rate juvenile 🥇🥈

@taninokauan purple belt absolute champ 🥇🥉

@jadeya_reber 66% sub rate  juvenile 2 🥇🥈

@steffano_bjj  juvenile 2 🥈🥈

@josephmcmorrisii master 1 brown belt 🥇🥉

@heather_morgainz master 1 black belt 🥈


These incredible, WORLD-CONQUERING results are down to our team’s meticulously-crafted training system that guarantees our students success time and time again, no matter their experience or belt level…


… and our ever-growing, elite-level teachings can be YOURS today!


Filling you with the know-how to:


Stand confidently before your students and inspire them with unlimited advice and wisdom.


Engage them in fun and highly-educational classes, teaching them new and original drills, techniques and concepts every time.


Feel their respect and admiration as they look up to you with eyes full of wonder and possibility.


Yell match-winning instruction from the sidelines and build champions like we do here at Atos BJJ!


CLICK HERE NOW to be the inspirational BJJ coach any student in the world would be proud to call their professor!