fbpx ATOS 3rd Anniversary - Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ - Worlds Best BJJ Academy - San Diego CA

ATOS 3rd Anniversary

Atos San Diego started under Professor Andre Galvao in 2010, and has succesfully grown in many areas since then. For example, since the beginning of Atos San Diego there has been a constant growth in the amount of students and families that have become a part of the Atos family. In addition, within the last couple years upgrades on making the training facility larger and more fitting to the needs of the students have been made.

Also within the last year the competition team has become one of the greatest in the world with a line up made up of some of the greatest upcoming jiu jitsu champions like Jt Torres, Keenan Cornelius, Micheal Liear Jr, and many more making their name in the jiu jitsu world with Professor Andre Galvao leading them. With over about eighty Atos students and their famlies, Atos celebrated their 3 year anniversary this past weekend with an outdoor party with a bbq/potluck, a team picture, and team games. In addition, a special moment took place for all of the Atos family espicially for Atos competitior Keenan Corneilus whom was promoted to his black belt at the start of the celebration by Professor Andre Galvao.

Congratulations Keenan Cornelius on your well earned black belt!!!