Atos shows China who’s boss! ADCC has been the topic of discussion within the grappling community for the last 3 months as our troops Prof. Andre Galvao, JT Torres, and Keenan Cornelius trained vigorously for the past 3 months. The long training camp was well worth the grind after Prof. Andre Galvao took home the title of Super Fight Champion against his opponent Braulio Estima. The two have be head to head opponents for many years, with six mins left and 2 points against him he submitted Braulio with a rear naked choke.

JT and Keenan also did well making it to the semi finals and taking third within both their weight divisions. JT put on and amazing performance after defeating his long time opponent Lucas Lepri by two points with a beautiful take down. While, Keenan submitted polish grappler Oscar Piechota with an awesome choke to advance to the semi finals. Keenan also took third place within the absolute division after defeating ADCC Champ Dean Lister. We would like to congratulate all our fighters for all their hard work and dedication and wish them continued success within the future. GO ATOS!!!

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