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No Gi Worlds Championship

Congratulations to all Atos Jiujitsu No Gi World Champions. The Team did an Amazing job winning several of world titles this weekend at the No Gi Worlds in Long Beach Ca last weekend.

Here are the results:

  • JT Torres – 1st place
  • Gabriel Perroud – 1st place
  • Rolando Samson – 1st place
  • Loui Bernard – 1st place
  • Freddy Leavy – 1st place
  • Tara White – 1st place
  • Tara White – 1st absolute
  • Chris Droz – 3rd place
  • Pete O’neal – 2nd place absolute
  • Mike Perez – 2nd place
  • Louis Choi – 3rd place
  • Mike Perez – 3rd place absolute
  • Pete O’neal – 3rd place
  • Brandon Tucker – 2nd place
  • Brandon Tucker – 3rd absolute
  • Chelsea BridgeDonner – 3rd place

Congratulations to all competitors and Prof Galvao for the great work. Atos Jiujitsu did an amazing job last weekend winning the 3rd place team overall.

Atos Jiujitsu Family!