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I’m so happy for all my students who competed today at the American Nationals #IBJJF. The team did amazing and we got a lot of Gold Medals.

Black Belt Adult:

-JT Torres – double Gold
-Keenan Cornelius Gold and Silver (closed the bracket with JT Open)
-Andris Brunoviskis Silver (first tourney as bb)

Brown Belt Adult:

-Mike Carbullido Double Gold
– Liera Jr Gold and Silver (closed the bracket with Carbullido at open)

Purple Belt Adult

Rolando Samson – Gold
Angelo Barden-Guerrero – Silver (closed the light weight bracket with Rolando)
-Ruben did a great job losing the second fight at his first tourney as purple
-Pete O’Neal 3rd
-Brandon Tucker from my affiliate in Long beach Atos JJ The Jiu-Jitsu League by My student Kevin Howell got double Gold purple

Blue Belt Adult

-Nurlan From my affiliate in Kazakstan got Silver
-Manson from Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy got double Gold
-Vadim fought hard
-Vince and Harris represent really well
-Pedro from Atos do Guetho got 2nd

Blue Female Adult

-Taylor Danielle Segovia Gold

-Madison Gold

White Female Adult

-Veronica 3rd

Brown Master 1

Adam fought hard. Here we go Adam.

Congratulations to all competitors who did an awesome job today representing the team really well. Hard work pays off. God bless all you guys.
Thank you guys for everything, all the supporting starting from the Atos SD Staff and all the affiliates. All the Parents and students. Love you guys! Sorry if I miss somebody’s name is a lot of people to thank and remind osss!