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Together We Are Stronger

Atos HQ has many people walk through its doors wanting to be “champions.” Few have what it takes despite their thinking they do. 
Ekjot was different. Built very large and powerful but soft spoken and dedicated. Every person in the room would receive a “hello” and handshake. 

Ekjot was a nose to the grindstone grappler, not interested in shortcuts or tricks, only the best techniques and methods. Yet Ekjot’s humility and humble spirit always prevailed. 

Ekjot’s family was a central focus of his life. He loved them deeply and spoke often with them. 

A champion may not always wear the medal. A champion often is merely a person to drive others (through example) to be better. Ekjot did this! Despite leaving this life too soon, he made so many want to be better grapplers but more importantly better people. God speed and thanks to God for the opportunity to know you! 1-2-3 ATOS! #RipEkjot #TogetherWeAreStronger