What a debut this weekend! Congrats@demian_balderrama

“Hi guys I have a cool quick update about yesterday tournament I made by blue belt debut and had an amazing weekend I fought twice on my bracket and twice on the open division, I had a lot of fun when I was competing I felt more comfortable with these new rules and time anyways I made some worm guard sweeps debut and had a 2 finishes and 2 points win I just wanna say thank you to Andre Galvao even though professor is killing it at Lisbon right now and also Angelica Galvao, coaches Raul Arvizu Nisar Loynab Kristian Woodmansee, Rolando Samson, Fer Ji, and a huge shout out to my awesome and oss sponsors#doordie #pasandoguardia#thebarbershop #crossfit664#acaideliteam, Alastair Andree, Cesar Borrayo, Andy Caballero, Kerstin Krieger, Alejandro Rique , Atos / Entram teammates thank you so much again for the constant love support and motivation, mom, dad & B.#debut #bluebelt #strivetogreatness#roadtopanams. Good luck everyone fighting at the Gi exchange today”#TogetherWeAreStronger#TogetherWeAreATos #AtosBlueBelt


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