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Q & A with the Oranday Brothers: ATOS HOUSTON


The recent success of Damion and Austin Ornday caught our eye here at HQ, we decided to find out more about the dynamic duo.  The brothers both represent Atos Houston and hold the rank of blue belt.

HQ – How long have you been training for?

Damion and Austin- 5 years

HQ – What academy do you train at?

Damion and Austin- the last 5 years at Elite MMA Baytown now we are Atos Houston

HQ – What does it mean to you to represent Atos?

Damion and Austin- a family of faith, integrity, hard-work, dedication and empowering one another to be world champions on and off the mat.

HQ – Do you prefer to play guard or pass?

 Damion and Austin- play guard!

HQ – What’s your schedule like on a typical day?

 Damion and Austin- We get up around 8 make breakfast, start schoolwork about 9, work until 12-1pm, have lunch, then we do our house chores and get ready to go train. We are typically at our academy from 4-10pm. Get home make protein shakes, shower, sleep and start over!

HQ – What do you listen to while in the bullpen?

Damion-hip hop
Austin -alternative rock

HQ – Any plans to visit Atos HQ in San Diego?

Damion and Austin- YES!!! The week of Pan Am’s

Thank you Damion and Austin for giving us some insight into your lives.  We look forward to having you here for a portion of our Pan Am Camp. We can’t wait to see you guys collect some gold medals!  Keep up the great work and keep training hard!