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Abu Dhabi Grand Slam

This past weekend several of our Atos students made their way to Los Angeles, California to compete in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. With Professor Andre Galvao there to coach them, they all did an excellent job and even won some prize money. The competitors had a long weekend competing in both GI and NOGI and they represented Team ATOS well. We want to congratulate all of the competitors for their hard work!


Professor Galvao with his students and their medals. \

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We would like to especially recognize all the competitors that placed in their divisions. Congratulations guys, keep up the hard work! OSSS

Dominique Bell – Brown Belt: 3rd place GI, 1st place NOGI

Pablo Mantovani – Brown Belt: 2nd place GI, 1st place NOGI

Tyler Najjar – Purple Belt: 2nd place NOGI

Heather Raftery – Brown Belt: 3rd place GI, 1st place NOGI

Heather Morgan – Blue Belt: 2nd place GI, 1st place NOGI

Veronica Hamzeh – Blue Belt: 1st place NOGI

Ricky Briceno – Blue Belt: 2nd place NOGI

Conner DeAngelis – Blue Belt: 1st place GI

Adam Bradley – Blue Belt: 1st place GI, 1st place NOGI

Lucas Barbosa – Black Belt: 3rd place GI

Pete O’Neal (not pictured) – Purple Belt: 2nd place GI

If you’re looking to join these killer competitors and train with the best, give us a call at 858-292-5040 and join the team!

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