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Prize Money Event Champions

This weekend Feb 18th some of Atos Jiujitsu HQ competitors went to Brea, Ca to compete at jiujitsu.NET event. Atos Jiujitsu HQ took over the event winning all the 3 weight categories (light, middle and heavy). The weight divisions were mixed between some of the best blue and purple belt champions. Atos got 5 competitors to the event taking back home 4 gold medals:

Keenan Cornelius (Black Belt) won his Super Fight Match in 3 min via triangle choke.

Conner DeAngelis (Blue Belt) took first at the heavy weight division closing out with his team mate Kaynan Duarte (Purple Belt). They closed out the blue and purple belt division winning 1,300 dollars. Conner, and Kaynan did 3 fights each today to be able to reach the first place of the podium.

Jonatas Grace (Purple Belt) took 1st on light weight Purple and Blue Belt division winning 1,000 dollars. Jonatas did 4 fights to be the champion.

Kaynan Duarte also won the middle weight purple and blue division, also winning the prize money of 1,000 dollars. Kaynan also fought 4 times today at middle weight division (total of 7 fights in a day).

Congrats Professor Galvao for the amazing job and the great coaching!!!

We are all so proud of you guys. Great Job!!!