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Top 10 Benefits of Jiu jitsu for Kids

Prof Galvao & Prof Josh Hinger teaching the 5pm kids program at Atos HQ in San Diego Ca


#1 Coordanation & Body Awareness;

#2 Discipline & Focus;

#3 Confidence;

#4 Socialization;

#5 Fitness;

#6 Goal Setting  & Completion;

#7 Self Defense;

#8 Make Friends

#9  Keep Your Kid Occupied With Something Positive;

#10 Team Work


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very special martial art and can help your kids in many ways. We believe that the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is seen as a means to individual development and personal growth. Strength, self-awareness, respect, discipline and responsibility are common core values taught within our kid’s program. The program is structured to teach technique through functional games aimed to improve your child’s agility and flexibility in a fun, friendly and interactive manner.  Prof Galvao (multiple time world champ) is the head coach of our kids program. Your kid will be learn with one of the best jiu jitsu fighters of all time.



Ages 3-5 YRS – Mon – Wed 4PM (BEGINS APRIL 4, 2016 )

Ages 5-8 YRS – Mon – Fri 5PM

Ages  8-14 YRS – Mon – Fri 5PM,  Sat 10-11AM

Kid’s Competition Class  Mon – Fri 4PM  (By invitation only)


Call us now 858-292-5040 to know more about our kids program. We will give your kids one week 100% FREE of training – “ask about our family packages” – we also provide the uniform for FREE to your kid during that FREE week trial.