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Tips for the New Female BJJ Practitioner

Choose your rolls wisely:  Roll with training partners you know are safe to train with who know how to give you good training, but not hurt you by using too much strength and power.  When trying to decide if a person is safe to roll with take into account their mental attitude, physical stature, years of experience being gentle, and belt rank.   The reason for this is the injury risk.  Unfortunately women are smaller and weaker so they must be very selective with their training partners.  If you do not do this you risk an injury that will put you on the sidelines.  That new meat head white belt with an ego even bigger then his biceps is not worth risking your training time over.  Stick with the safe rolls until you feel your technique is strong enough to protect your body against injury.

Don’t get discouraged:  For a lot of girls they are the only female at the gym and they are the smallest.  This is tough when you first start out, but remember it won’t last forever.  Keep coming to class consistently and keep working on your technique.  The little details are so important especially for someone who may be weaker and smaller then everyone else.  There are certain things that work better on bigger opponents so stick with it and ask tons of questions.  The more often you train, ask questions, and problem solve the faster you’ll improve and get more efficient at combating the size difference.

Enjoy the journey:  It can be awkward sometimes as a beginner and a female.  People don’t want to pair with you because your new and small or maybe they are afraid to roll with a female because they don’t know how.  This phase will end.  Be confident when you ask someone to roll don’t let the awkward feelings get to you.  You will get past this you just have to keep coming to class consistently, show that you want to learn, and that you aren’t going anywhere.  Once you have more experience it will be much easier and you’ll find that there’s many small details you picked up on faster then someone who is big and strong because you had to in order to survive.  Once you get past this small learning curve everything gets much easier and then you can start winning rolls with people who are newer then you even if they are much bigger.

The amount of women who train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is steadily climbing and as it does it will just get easier and easier for females to train, and have training partners who are also females.  Many academies have started offering women’s only classes, which are a huge help for females just beginning and it also gives upper belts females a chance to finally train with other girls their size.


Our Women’s Only class is lead by Black Belt World Champion Professor Angelica Galvao.  She runs an extremely successful womans program here at Atos HQ.  We are running a special right now so if you are interested, and would like more information please call us at 858-292-5040 or email us at staff@atosjiujitsuhq.com.