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Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix

Don’t miss the action this weekend, August 12th, at Copa Podio in Brazil.  Copa Podio is a professional league that has harnessed the excitement of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by creating this sporting entertainment event.  This weekend will be the 5th installment of this thrilling and highly anticipated event.  Who will be crowned the Middleweight Grand Prix champion?  Watch all the action from Copa Podio Manaus on www.fighteria.tv.

We are excited to see Atos HQ athlete Jonnatas Gracie fight this weekend for a chance to win the Middlewight Grand Prix title.  Although he is a lightweight he is a fierce fighter and as he proved at Worlds, by winning double gold at purple belt, size does not matter.  We can’t wait to see him fight this weekend and we know he will do great things.

Our very own Frankie Zambada will be fighting as well representing the USA in the Copa Podio Kids Challenge.  He will be part of a 12 kid bracket split into two teams ranging from ages 8-12.  They will be fighting the day of the weigh-ins, August 11th.  We are extremely proud of all of Frankie’s hard work and we know he will do fantastic!

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