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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Hygiene Tips

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is very much a contact sport, which means it is extremely important for everyone to take responsibility for their own hygiene.  It is also the academies job to insure that the mats are kept squeaky clean.  Here at Atos HQ we make it a top priority to keep the mats clean at all times, but this must be paired with every member practicing good hygiene both on and off the mats.  It will not only prevent the spread of disease, but it also makes training more pleasant for everyone.  No one likes rolling with the stinky gi guy.  It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of their own hygiene to keep everyone at the gym happy and healthy.

Here are a few tips for keeping good hygiene:

  1. Make sure fingernails and toenails are clipped short before each training session.
  2. Put on deodorant before training.
  3. Brush your teeth before training to prevent offensive bad breath.
  4. Shower as soon as possible after training to reduce the risk of skin infections.
  5. Wash your gi and belt right after training, don’t let it sit in its stench. Do NOT just air dry your gi after training without washing it.
  6. Do not train with open cuts or scratches unless they are properly covered.
  7. Do not train if you are sick even with just common illnesses such as the cold or flu.
  8. Any skin issues need to be addressed immediately. Often, issues like staph infections and MRSA start out looking and feeling like a bug bite, or ingrown hair. If you notice anything suspicious on your skin, please consult a physician and do not train until it is all cleared up.
  9. Wear compression shorts and rash guard under your gi.
  10. Be sure to wear shoes when you are not on the mat.
  11. Be sure to collect all clothing and training gear from the locker room and put it in a plastic bag after each training session, leaving these articles causes foul odors and the spread of germs.



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