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Prof. Andre Galvao 5x ADCC Champion!

Congrats to all our competitors who fought in Finland at the ADCC World Championship!

A special congratulations to Professor Andre Galvao on his 3rd consecutive super fight win.  He is the first in history to ever make this huge accomplishment.  He will return in 2019 to defend his title once again against Felipe Pena.  We would also like to acknowledged JT Torres’ impressive victory in the -77kg division.  He is the first American ever to become the ADCC -77kg Champion.  We are so proud of you all!

Kaynan Duarte: At the age of 19 he made his debut at the ADCC Championships as one of the youngest competitors.  He fought his way to ADCC by winning the trials in Rio de Janeiro.  He had a fantastic performance winning his first match via guillotine.

Biggest First Round Upsets From ADCC 2017
Photo: Hywel Teague

Pablo Mantovani: He is one of our newest black belts here at Atos HQ.  After winning his division at the ADCC Brazilian Trials he cemented his spot in the ADCC Championship this year. He put on quite an impressive performance making it all the way to the semi finals against Paulo Miyao after a bloody battle against AJ Agazarm.

Michael Perez:  He is an ADCC veteran making his first appearance in 2015 after winning the North American Trials as a purple belt.  He won his first match by points and then had an intense match against Yuri in the semifinals losing by ref decision, and then went on to face Buchecha in the absolute.  He already has his eyes on ADCC 2019.

Keenan Cornelius:  He’s been on a tear this year since returning from a knee injury.  In 2013 he made his first ADCC appearance shortly after receiving his brown belt by winning the North American Trials -88kg weight division and absolute.  He went on to place double bronze that year and in 2015 he won silver.  He blew through the competition this year making it all the way to the finals in the -88kg division and placed second.


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