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IBJJF Long Beach Open/Kids International Championship Results

Competition is the perfect way to get out there and test your skills to see where you need to improve your game, so that you can be more focused with your training.  Anyone can fight in a tournament no matter the age or belt level.  This past weekend was the IBJJF Long Beach Open/Kids International Championship and a few of our students decided to compete.  Congratulation to all the kids and adults went out there and competed this past weekend!  We are proud of everyone you participated, especially our white belts that made their competition debut.


3rd Place White/Adult/Feather- Mohammed w Kabli

1st place White/Adult/Heavy- José Armando Vazquez Cortes

3rd place Blue/Adult/Feather- Justin Mask

3rd place Purple/Adult/Light-Feather- Demian Balderrama Gomez

2nd place Purple/Adult/Light- Ricky Briceno

3rd place Adult/Purple/Medium-Heavy- Victor Eduardo Vieira de Mello Alarcão

1st place Adult/Purple/Heavy, 2nd place Open Class- Darin Conner Deangelis

2nd place Adult/Purple/Super-heavy- Adam Bradley

3rd place Adult/Purple/Super-heavy- Pete O’Neal

1st place Master 1/Purple/Medium-heavy- Fabricio Vielmo

2nd place Master 2/Purple/Ultra-heavy, 3rd place Open Class- Alejandro Flores

2nd place Adult/Brown/Feather- Zachary LeCates

2nd place Adult/Brown/Middle- Evyatar Paperni

3rd place Adult/Brown/Medium-heavy- Bruno Capac Cavalcante Machado

1st place Master 1/Brown/Heavy- Richard A. Kanasevich

1st place Adult/Black/Medium-heavy- Joshua Roy Hinger

1st place Adult/Black/Heavy, 1st Open Class- Keenan Kai-James Cornelius

1st place Adult/Black/Super-heavy- Lucas Daniel Silva Barbosa

1st place Master 5/Black/Super-heavy- Peter C. Iacavazzi


3rd place- Frank Alec Zambada Lara

3rd place- Samuel Pinto

1st place- Xiomara Gallego

1st place- Alexandria Marie Perez

2nd place- Hadiya Galvante

1st place- Benjamin Ryan Craft

1st place- Lillian Jane Marchand

2nd place- Hayden J. Fry

3rd place- Anthony Perez

1st place- Erik William Hofer

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