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The Hidden Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more then just a sport or another type of martial art, it can change your life.  Many times you hear people talk about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a lifestyle, but what does that really mean?  It means that the benefits of BJJ go beyond things you can see, such as health and weight loss, it reaches into your daily life off the mat as well.  It teaches things like hard work, confidence, and how to stay calm in a stressful situation.  For many people it becomes a hobby they can pour into, bringing balance and happiness to their lives.


Physical Benefits:

A lot of people get into BJJ in order to improve their fitness.  One of the first things you notice about training is what it’s doing to you physically.  It’s different for everyone, but the common things people notice are weight loss, increased flexibility, strength, and better cardio.  Whatever it may be for you, there’s no doubt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can change your body.  What you may not notice initially is the overall improvement of health.  BJJ also teaches you how to use your entire body to accomplish movements.  Many people are stuck sitting for a large part of the day, forced to develop strange movement patterns and pick up bad habits.  Once you begin training you will develop better mobility, body awareness, and strength.

Mental Benefits:

Along with all the physical benefits of BJJ there are also many mental benefits that often get overlooked.  When you are learning a new technique it takes just as much mental energy as physical to learn the technique, and apply it.  Many people will study BJJ videos and techniques just like you would in school to learn them.  There are endless techniques to learn, and every time you train you add to your game to fill holes, and improve your strategy during rolls.  Often times BJJ is compared to chess, because there is so much hidden strategy, and you always have to be at least one move ahead of your opponent.  For kids especially it will teach them how to focus, and problem solve.  BJJ is by no means an easy sport, but because of this it is also extremely rewarding.  It’s not easy to learn a new technique, try it out, then get smashed, but it is all worth it when you finally hit that technique in a live roll.  This resiliency will become instilled in you, and will spill out into many aspects of your life.  Life is stressful, but BJJ provides the perfect stress relief by giving you something else to focus on, and a way to let out your frustration by rolling some tough rounds, and getting your mind off things.  Sometimes the mental benefits that can’t be seen are the things having the most impact on your life.

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