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How to get the most out of your BJJ private lessons

It can be extremely valuable to take private lessons in addition to attending regular classes, however, if you aren’t prepared for the information you are about to receive you can miss out on a lot of the benefits.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are currently or would like to start taking private lessons.

Bring a Notebook:

This can also be a helpful tip during regular class and drilling as well.  It’s hard to remember everything, but if you write it down in a notebook you can go back and look at it.  In a private lesson you will be getting a lot of essential new information and it would be foolish to pay the money, then not have a way to ensure you won’t just forget everything you learned.  Some instructors even allow you to record the private lesson, which is absolutely ideal.  However, if this is not allowed taking notes is the next best thing.

Come prepared:

Know exactly what you want to work on, what problems you have in training, and questions you need answered ready to go before you even go to your private lesson.  Don’t show up and just tell them you want to work on everything.  You need to own your training and really take the time to think about what you need to improve on, and what you really want to learn.  This is your time to do whatever you want and take advantage of your instructor’s full attention, don’t waste it.

Be Flexible:

Every instructor has their own style when it comes to private lessons.  While it’s still important to come to your lesson prepared with what you want to work on it’s helpful to be flexible, and open to learning something new.  Maybe the person giving you the private has observed you training, and seen things you’re unaware of that need work or things that could be helpful for you to add to your game.  Be a sponge and absorb any information they give you.


It’s helpful at the end of the lesson to have your instructor give you a recap of everything you went over, so you can check your notes.  Usually everything flows together and the movements build on each other so going over the techniques again will give you a broader picture of everything.  Get reps on the techniques in your own separate drilling time to really ingrain everything, and make the movements come naturally in live sparring.

Have a positive attitude:

You have made the extra effort to arrange this private lesson in order to learn from someone of high expertise, so be excited and eager.  Take advantage of every moment, and try to act normal.  It can be intimidating to learn from someone who is highly accomplished, but now is not the time to feel star struck.  It’s time to collaborate, ask questions, and be enthusiastic about learning.

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