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Atos HQ Kids Program

Here at Atos HQ we not only have a world class adult program, but also an outstanding kids program.  For the last 6 years in a row we have won the most prestigious kids tournament of the year, Pan Kids.  This past February was our 6th time winning the team title.  In addition to winning the all around team trophy, we also won the team trophy for the mighty-mite and junior age groups.  It’s no secret that Atos is cultivating the next generation of top level Jiu Jitsu athletes.  We take pride in our kids program, insuring that they get the same quality instruction as our adults.  Whether they compete or not we fully support them, do our absolute best to prepare them, and do all we can to help them succeed.

Kids 3-5

The kids ages 3-5 meet 3 times a week for 45 minutes.  They our taught by Coach Ricky who is a purple belt here at Atos HQ.  We try to keep the class fun and engaging while still teaching them Jiu Jitsu basics.  The class will help your kids learn discipline, and give them a healthy outlet for their excess energy.  It will also help to improve their, balance, coordination, confidence, and strength.

Kids 4-8

The kids class ages 4-8 meets Monday-Friday at 5pm for 45 minutes.  This class is taught by Professor Nisar, who is an Atos HQ black belt, and by Coach Ricky.  In this class the kids build on their basic Jiu Jitsu knowledge and begin to do some friendly sparring.  The class will help them with basic self defense and confidence while still keeping a fun learning environment.

Kids 8-14

The 8-14 year old kids class meets at 5pm Monday-Friday, and Saturdays 10am for 1 hour.  The class is taught by head instructor Andre Glavao, Professor Josh Hinger, Professor Mike Carbullido, and assistant coach Demian.  In this class your kids will continue to expand their Jiu Jitsu knowledge while still having fun and making new friends.  Jiu Jitsu will not only help their strength and coordination, but will also teach them valuable self defense techniques that they can use for the rest of their lives.

**For kids who are ready and interested in competing we also offer a kids competition class Monday- Friday from 4pm-5pm, which is taught by Professor Mike Carbullido and Coach Demian.

Complete Kids Class Schedule:

Monday – Wednesday

4-4:45pm     Kids Ages 3-5

4-5pm           Kids Competition Class

5-5:45pm     Kids Ages 4-8

5-6pm           Kids Ages 8-14

Thursday – Friday

4-5pm           Kids Competition Class

5-5:45pm     Kids Ages 4-8

5-6pm           Kids Ages 8-14


10-11am        Kids Ages 8-14

Our fantastic group of kids instructors not only teach your kids world class techniques, but also keep class fun and exciting.  If you are interested in learning more about our program please give us a call at 858-292-5040 or email us at staff@atosjiujitsuhq.com and get started on your FREE one week trial today.