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Instructor Spotlight: Dominique Bell

Dominique Bell came to Atos HQ a little over three years ago to fulfill his dream of being a full time competitor training under Andre Galvao.  A few months later he won purple belt worlds, and then was later promoted to brown belt by Prof. Galvao.  Not long after he began teaching the Tuesday/Thursday 6:15am class, the Wednesday 9am class, and the Tuesday/Thursday 7:45pm intro class.  Coach Dom has a fluid, technical game tested by years of competition and training at the best school in the world, Atos HQ.  He breaks down each technique meticulously when he teaches making it easy to understand, even for the beginner.

Major Accolades:

Purple Belt World Champion

2x Brown Belt European Champion

Brown Belt No Gi World Champion

Brown Belt Absolute Pan Champion


Coach Dom with his 6:15am class


Coach Dom teaching one of his favorite attacks from north south, the paper cutter choke:



Learn more about Coach Dom by checking out his answers to these 5 Questions:

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

“Teaching is like a puzzle, and when I figure out the best way to communicate a technique to a student it’s satisfying, and I feel like I solved the puzzle.”

Why did you start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

“It basically has everything you could want in an activity/hobby/passion/sport.  It’s a physical and mental outlet.  Its solidarity with an awesome group of people.  And its just really fun.”

Hidden fact?

“I used to have dreads past my shoulders when I was a teenager.”

Favorite pass, guard, or submission?

“Knee cut”

Activity you enjoy doing other then BJJ?

“Going to coffee shops and surreptitiously sketching the people I see.”


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