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Intro BJJ Class

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Here at Atos HQ we have a specific class tailored to our new white belts.  We do this in order to ensure they are getting a solid foundation in the basics before moving into our advanced class.  We also want them to feel comfortable in the class, and with the techniques being covered.  It’s much easier to learn and feel confident trying something new when others around you are going through the same exact thing.  Once our white belts are awarded their 3rd stripe they are allowed to either stay in the intro class or move into the advanced class.

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The Intro Class is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:15pm; and also every Monday-Thursday at 7:45pm.  The class is taught by Michael Perez who is black belt here at Atos HQ.  Beginners are also welcome to come to any of our morning classes anytime during the week.  We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable right when they walk through the doors of the academy.

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If you are interested in learning more about our program please give us a call at 858-292-5040 or email us at staff@atosjiujitsuhq.com and get started on your FREE one week trial today.