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Instructor Spotlight: Ricky Briceno

Ricky Briceno is one of our fantastic kids instructors here at Atos HQ.  He moved to San Diego back in 2015 to become the best possible version of himself, and to work towards his dream of becoming a World Champion.  He began training at Atos as a blue belt and was later promoted to purple by Professor Andre Galvao.

Coach Ricky started teaching the kids towards the end of 2016 and he has been a wonderful addition.  He teaches the Kids 3-5 year old class which meets Monday-Wednesday at 4pm; and is also the assistant instructor for the Kids 4-8 year old class that meets Monday-Friday at 5pm.  His calm demeanor and never ending patients is perfect for teaching the young kids, and as a result his class has continued to grow.



Learn more about Coach Ricky by checking out his answers to these 5 Questions:


What do you enjoy most about teaching?


“I enjoy being part of kids lives and seeing them become a better version of themselves and instilling good habits and disciplines that will mold them into becoming successful.”


Why did you start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?


“It was actually by accident and the first day I tried the class I was hooked because of the mental game and strategy that is required to become better. I love to challenge myself mentally and physically.”


Hidden fun fact?


“I spend a lot of time listening to famous speakers and mindset coaches.”


Favorite pass, guard, or submission?


“De la riva spider guard combo”


Activity you enjoy doing other then BJJ?


“Lifting weights”


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