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ATOS Ladies: Testimonials

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Here at Atos HQ we are proud to support women’s BJJ.  We have an extremely strong women’s team, led by black belt world champion Prof. Angelica Galvao.  All classes are co-ed, except for Prof. Angelica’s women’s only class every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45pm.  The class has built a strong bond and support system among the ladies here at Atos HQ.  It gives ladies who are brand new to BJJ a comfortable and safe learning environment while also still providing the upper belts with top notch instruction and training.

Here are just a few testimonials from ladies who train at Atos HQ and who have experienced the women’s program first hand.


Veronica H.

“I love this place so much and here is why. It’s a great place for the whole family to get an amazing workout! I have two girls ages 6 and 8. My oldest was struggling with her confidence a couple of years back and since she started training at ATOS, I’ve noticed how much her confidence has boosted. She is so secure of herself now and feels like she can take on the world. Just that alone for me was a win!
They are super family friendly. My husband and I also have been training there for a little over 4 years now and it’s been nothing but an amazing experience. We love our family evenings there. It’s such a fun and unique family bonding time.
I love that there is no age limit to join, you see young kids to an older crow on the mats training and having a good time.”


Elizabeth Maraan

“Atos is an amazing place to be at! Everyone is welcoming and helpful no matter what your skill level is. Once you step inside, it feels like you’re part of a family. You can tell that it’s the number one place to be when you meet so many people who are visiting from out of town or who have moved to San Diego to train here or in general, the numerous people who have dedicated their time to train here regularly and they all only have good things to say about Atos.”


Nicole Sullivan

“This gym was so welcoming from day one. i felt like i was part of a family. This is hands down the best training in the world. There is something for everyone, whether you want to compete, get in shape, or just challenge yourself to learn something new. I highly recommend Atos. <3”


Heather Woods

“Amazing instruction, great people and the atmosphere is amazing. No matter if you’re starting out or a high level competitor moving from another city, Atos is the best. Even the girls at the front desk are super helpful and make you feel welcome immediately as you walk in. Best gym in the World.”


Kristiene Gong

“An amazing place to train, no matter what level you’re at. Everyone is welcoming, friendly, and ready to work hard. The instruction is as elite as it gets – some of the best in the world – but the down-to-earth atmosphere of the gym still allows for easy conversations and an open forum for questions and real improvement.”


Stephanie Young

“This is the best place for women to train BJJ. It’s the only place where you get women of all shapes and sizes and belt levels in a single room (outside of a women’s only seminar / open mat).

Super clean gym, top-notch instruction, good rolls – everything you need from your BJJ gym. Good vibes and respect all around; I even enjoy the music they play during rolls. The professors are examples of good conduct for everyone both on and off the mats.”


Natalie Hallemans

“Top notch training for all levels and age groups. And that women’s class is second to none! Great safe place for women starting out and an equally great space to roll with some of the best women in the sport.”


Charlene Coats

“Atos HQ, San Diego, is the best Brazilian Jiujitsu academy in the world! Professors Andre and Angelica Galvao have created the most amazing environment for people to not only learn Brazilian Jiujitsu, but to extend their family through the people at Atos HQ. I have traveled to many academies, but no where else have I experienced the welcome and support the way I have here. All are welcomed with genuine open arms. No matter your previous experience or affiliation they bring you into their team as if you were always a member. Each person at Atos HQ wants to grow and for you to grow with them. The all star line up of world renowned instructors support students both on and off the mat, and deliver content that allows for every level practitioner to grow and continue evolving. PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT… SEE FOR YOURSELF! TAKE A CLASS, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”


Anna Ly

“Atos is one of the best places to train jiu jitsu in the entire world. Since being here for only a few months, I met so many people who have moved their lives from another state or another country to be in San Diego just to train at Atos! This place truly does live up to its name with top notch training from Professors Andre and Angelica Galvao.

I have enjoyed every class I’ve taken here. Every instructor is always clear and breaks down each technique so anyone can understand and learn. Questions are always encouraged here. The other students are super supportive and welcome every new member that steps in through the front doors as well. I would highly recommend Atos for anyone, whether you have experience with jiu jitsu or if you’re just looking for the right place to start!”


Katelin Rudolph

“This is academy is like HOME! It is exactly where you need to be if you are looking for a highly motivated, incredibly proficient, world class instruction jiu jitsu academy. Its not for competitors only, anyone will feel comfortable at Atos. The women group and classes here at Atos are stacked with the most kind, supportive and technical women BJJ practitioners lead by the one and only Angelica Galvao. Andrea Galvao leads the school with class, professionalism and love, and you can see it trickle down through all his black belts and instructors and even his staff in the academy. They truly live by their moto ‘Together we are stronger.'”


Zay Nuh

“I came to ATOS HQ for a 2 and a half month training camp in preparation for this years Masters Worlds Competition. I train at an ATOS affiliate in Texas, and it was my first time visiting HQ. From the moment I arrived until the day I departed. I felt like I was right at home and part of the ATOS HQ family. The environment that Professor Andre and Professora Angelica have built there is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I fell in love with the academy and it’s people there. They are all so welcoming and supportive of you. You will learn from the best in the world and there is no pressure if you feel like you don’t know how to do something. There is always someone there to help you. I spent my time there improving my jiujitsu and growing as a grappler. I gained a family and a team that make me proud to be part of. I had so much fun in Professora Angelica’s class, it was tough and fun at the same time. It challenged me and I was so honored to be a part of the group there. All of the women are phenomenal. The overall energy there is contagious and you can’t help but feed off of it and smile. If you are in the San Diego area, this is where you want to be. From the moment you walk in, to when you take your first step on the Mats. You will feel the amazing positive energy there. I loved it there so much that I plan to make arrangements to move to San Diego to train there fulltime with this amazing team that I have the privilege to call my family ”


Siobhan Daugherty

“Atos HQ is so inspiring! Great for weight loss too!!
I have a coworker who trains at Atos and would enthusiastically talk about jiu jitsu at work all the time, and encouraged me to try it. I was morbidly obese and looking to make a change, and had dropped about 30lbs (the same 30 I’d lose and regain over and over again) but I knew I needed some physical activity that I enjoyed or I’d fall off the wagon (again) so I decided to give it a try.

What a life changer! The atmosphere at Atos is so welcoming, encouraging, and challenging. I started in the Women’s class and immediately felt at home and fell in love with BJJ. The professor Angelica Galvao has the perfect balance kindness and encouragement while still holding you accountable to do your best. It has been so amazing to train here and watch myself transform under her world class guidance.

Not only am I acquiring jiu jitsu skills, but I’ve also dropped 63lbs in the 6 months I have been training here!!! I am excited to work while I’m on the mat, but the desire to improve there also drives me to workout at the gym — and for once I don’t feel like it’s a chore because now I have a goal. I am in the best shape of my life and I know it’s only going to improve more.

There are so many bjj greats here, and training with champions inspires me to strive for better every single day. Atos has been a total game changer for me and I can’t imagine my life without it anymore. If you have the opportunity to train here, take it!”


Laura Loynab

“THE BEST ACADEMY IN THE WORLD. You’ll be learning from top Black Belts in a clean and respectful environment, with good rolls and hard training. The Women’s team is absolutely the best, lead by Angelica Galvao, Black Belt World Champion, with a wide variety of levels & sizes on the same mat, the atmosphere is positive, filled with encouragement & the best motivation to keep training hard while improving your jiu jitsu day by day. If you love jiu jitsu, this place will become your HAPPY PLACE.”


Kristina Parker

“If you’re looking for a place that will challenge you to be better and at the same time welcome you with open arms. This is the place to be, it’s like living the Jiu jitsu dream❤️”


Nani Lotti

“I moved out to san diego from switzerland to train at atos. And the only thing i can say is- its even better than i expected it to be. The team is amazing and every training is hard and from really high quality but still a feeling of home. The classes are lead by andre galvao itself or one of his world class competitors as for example lucas barbosa.
I love it and cant imagine to train at an other place anymore.”


Viviane Delvaux

“Atos Jiujitsu HQ is by far the best place and the best team in the world to train in Brazilian jiujitsu. I am Belgian, European and we have very good athletes in Belgium too but the level of the teachers, the technical level, the level of training is incomparable !! I know what I mean. It took me almost 4 years to find what I was looking for !! A sharp place, a team with professionals who train at your side and do not let you down. An environment at the top, cleanliness, organization, logistics level, everything is perfect. For the children, the teachers are already big and have not much to prove. For women #AtosGirlsGang team, #AngelicasArmy is led by Master Angelica Galvao champion of the world Abudhabi this year which is no longer to present. Woman of grip and wife of the great André Galvao who is an Athlete having won all that he had to win on the jiujitsu stage, he leads the team as a leader and man of faith, an exemple to follow, all courses are perfectly established and realized so that everyone can progress at his own pace, whether for the competitors or the sportsman/woman. They have a Life’s group also every week that allows us to refocus and share, exchange between us, follow the path of Jesus. Outstanding team and of which I am sure it is the best place in the world to become a better fighter and a better person. place To call and I CALL HOME FAMILY”


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