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Why BJJ is the Perfect Martial Art for Kids

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the perfect martial art for kids in so many ways.  It’s not only fun and engaging, but it’s also an extremely effect form of self defense.  It’s unique martial art because it’s both physically and mentally challenging.  It will help your kids develop strength, agility, and critical thinking skills.  The many valuable lessons they learn from training Jiu Jitsu will help them not only on the mat, but in their daily lives.


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  1. Real life self defense application

  2. Practicing techniques with a resisting partner

  3. Anyone can practice BJJ

  4. Development of strength, agility, and balance

  5. Mentally challenging as well as physically

  6. Fantastic form of exercise doing something fun and useful

  7. Builds character and mental toughness

  8. Encourages self improvement

  9. The lessons learned on the mat can also be applied to daily life

  10. Great way to make new friends


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