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World Series of Grappling Results

Congratulations to all Atos competitors who fought at the World Series of Grappling this past weekend!

WSG is a new tournament that has quickly gained popularity due to it’s hefty cash prizes.  The tournament has brought out some big name practitioners, resulting in extremely exciting match ups.  The rounds leading up to the final are only 5 minutes long with no points, so each opponent is hunting for the submission the entire time.  If no submission occurs it goes to refs decision.  The event has two divisions: blue/purple and brown/black, each with two weight divisions: above 180 and below 180.



Blue/Purple – Above 180:

Conner DeAngelis – 3rd place

Blue/Purple – Below 180:

Any Murasaki – 2nd place

Brown/Black – Above 180:

Gustavo Batista – 2nd place

Keenan Cornelius – 3rd place

Kaynan Duarte – 4th place

Brown/Black – under 180:

Jonnatas Gracie – 4th place










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