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Atos Kids: Ages 3-5


Here at Atos HQ we have kids classes starting as young as age 3.  The 3-5 year old class has the perfect mix of fun and learning.  They learn core BJJ techniques through interactive games and improve their agility through basic drills.  Everything covered in the class will help prepare them to make a seamless transition into the 5-8 year old class.  The class meets Monday-Wednesday from 4:00-4:45pm, and is taught by Coach Ricky.




This program is designed to introduce our youngest students to jiu jitsu, as well as help them develop agility, flexibility and coordination. The curriculum includes fun games and interactive drills that teach basic jiu jitsu movements and beginner techniques, ensuring a strong foundation and better understanding of our art, while maintaining his/her interest and keeping it enjoyable for your youngster. Instructors also promote and reinforce strong core values through simple and easy-to-follow methods.



  • Learn self-discipline and build confidence
  • Develop respect for instructors and peers
  • Improve coordination and agility



  • Beginner jiu jitsu techniques
  • Coordination-building drills and movement exercises
  • Simplified explanation of core values





If you are interested in learning more about our program please give us a call at 858-292-5040 or email us at staff@atosjiujitsuhq.com and get started on your FREE one week trial today.

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