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How BJJ Builds Kids Confidence On and Off the Mat

Confidence comes from inside and can’t really be taught, but there are a couple ways to help build it.  The first is by being pushed out of your comfort zone to do a difficult task, and then conquering that challenge.  The second way is by having people around you build you up, and tell you that you can do it.  Life isn’t always going to be easy, but if you learn to push through tough times it builds character.  This is exactly what Jiu Jitsu can help teach a child.


Jiu Jitsu brings new challenges to over come every single day.  It’s not going to be easy, but it will be extremely rewarding.  Every time a child conquers a new challenge in their training it will build their confidence, and this will carry over to their life off the mat as well.

Not only does Jiu Jitsu build confidence through conquering tough task, but also by providing fantastic exercise.  When kids are healthy and fit, they feel less stress, have more confidence, and live a happier & more positive life.  Jiu Jitsu is the perfect outlet to keep kids active and fit while still having fun learning valuable life lessons and skills.





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