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The IBJJF European Championship is in Full Swing!


The IBJJF European Championship is one of the largest Jiu Jitsu events of the season, and it’s a great way to kick start the new year .  It’s held in Portugal and draws athletes from all over the world.  The event started on January 15th and it ends January 20th.  Good luck to all our ATOS athletes who are competing this weekend!  A few of our very own athletes from Atos HQ where able to make the long trip across country to take part in this major event, and we are excited to see everyone show off their hard work.


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Athletes fighting from Atos HQ include:

BLUE / Juvenile 1 / Male / Light

Kade Ruotolo

BLUE / Juvenile 1 / Male / Middle

Tye Ruotolo

PURPLE / Adult / Male / Light

Andy Tomas Murasaki Pereira  

BROWN / Adult / Male / Middle

Jonnatas Gracie Araujo da Silva

BROWN / Adult / Male / Medium-Heavy

Ronaldo Pereira de Souza Júnior

BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle

Andris Auseklis Brunovskis 

BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle

Michael Remigio Liera Jr.

BLACK / Adult / Male / Medium-Heavy

Lucas Daniel Silva Barbosa

BLACK / Adult / Male / Heavy

Kaynan Casemiro Duarte

BLACK / Adult / Male / Heavy

Gustavo Espindola Batista  

BLACK / Adult / Male / Super-Heavy

Helton Jose Mendes da Silva Junior

BLACK / Adult / Female / Medium-Heavy

Luiza Monteiro Moura da Costa

BLACK / Master 5 / Male / Medium-Heavy

Peter C. Iacavazzi

**Don’t miss the action, follow all the matches live on FloGrappling.

European IBJJF Championship Schedule


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