Saturday Kids Class

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Every Saturday from 10-11am we have a class for kids ages 8-13 that is taught by Prof. Michael Perez.  We understand that life can get crazy during the week so we like to offer a weekend option for kids as well.  We plan on adding even more classes on the weekends, so stay tuned!

We believe that the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is seen as a means to individual development and personal growth. Strength, self-awareness, respect, discipline and responsibility are common core values taught within our kid’s program.


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This program is designed to build a strong foundation in your student’s practice, and improve his/her coordination, movement, and agility. Students will also receive a comprehensive overview of all positions and techniques in the beginner and fundamental curriculum, as well as an introduction to the more advanced jiu jitsu curriculum. Students will also be given more detailed explanations of core jiu jitsu concepts and ideas.


  • Improve movement and coordination
  • Learn self-discipline and build confidence
  • Develop respect for instructors and peers


  • Overview of all positions and situations
  • Comprehensive instruction of beginner and fundamental techniques
  • Introduction to advanced jiu jitsu techniques
  • Detailed explanation of core concepts and ideas
  • Beginner and advanced No-Gi concepts
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4pm Kids Competition Class
5pm Kids Class
4pm Kids Competition Class
5pm Kids Class
4pm Kids Competition Class
5pm Kids Class
4pm Kids NO-GI Competition Class
5pm Kids NO-GI Class
4pm Kids Competition Class
5pm Kids Class
10am Kids Class

If you are interested in learning more about our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program please give us a call at 858-292-5040 or email us at staff@atosjiujitsuhq.com and get started on your FREE one week trial today.

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